IT & Telecommunications

CyberNerd Texas is proud to leverage over 13 years of technology expertise and experience, providing successful and cost-effective business solutions for our customers. We constantly evolve with changing technology in our business model, making personalized recommendations ensure that we provide the most current technology to meet your immediate priorities and future needs. Our evolution has created solution practices within CyberNerd that address every aspect of your unique IT and Telecommunications needs.


Professional IT Solutions

CyberNerd Texas employs industry-certified subject matter experts to support our customers around the US. Through utilizing our deep bench and ability to rapidly recruit, we can provide professional IT solutions in several different concentrations.


Program & Project Management

CyberNerd Texas collaborates with clients to form, optimize, and implement strategies that drive business transformation leading to program and project success. Our project and program management professionals focus on the whole picture, minimizing risk to ensure deliverables arrive on time, on target, and on budget.