Who We Are

Voted the Top IT Company in Central Texas.

CyberNerd Texas is a team of experienced professionals, private sector leaders and superior subject matter experts certified in different areas. Our team has decades of individual experience gathering, analyzing and acting on information in fast-paced, politically sensitive and high-risk environments.

  • Over 15 years experience in the IT industry with a concentration in Cyber Security and Collaboration
  • Department of Defense, Department of State experience
  • DoD Contractor with experience in hostile war environments
  • CompTIA Certified
  • Cisco Certified

High Quality Standards

Identify customer needs, create strategic roadmaps, embrace digital innovation, and launch products swiftly — without sacrificing quality.

Educated & Experienced Team

Integrate with the latest technologies— or develop new technologies to create cutting-edge customer experiences.

Business Solutions

As your local technology provider, we love helping people address their unique business challenges and concerns.

Customer Support

Managed support for your servers, network, hardware, software, and more.

Our Services

Computers and Printers

Build, set up, connect and troubleshoot your computers and printers.

Audio & Video

We can set up your audio and video equipment for your podcast and video studio.

WiFi and Networking

CyberNerd can set up and troubleshoot your internet and wifi network no matter how big or small.

Smart Home

Ready to make your home a smart home? Let us to the hard part.

TV Mounting

CyberNerd can take care of your TV and monitor mounting for your home and office.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a very serious issue. Make sure CyberNerd is on your side.

Don't decrease there goal. Increase the effort!

– CyberNerd-

Why Work With Us

Over 15 years of experience

There is no job too big or too small. We can take care of all your IT needs.

CyberNerd Texas is proud to leverage over 15 years of technology expertise and experience, providing successful and cost-effective business solutions for our customers.

Modern equipment

We use all the top equipment to keep our clients up to date.

We constantly evolve with changing technology in our business model, making personalized recommendations to ensure that we provide the most current technology to meet your immediate priorities and future needs.

Professional team

Every client’s needs are different. We come up with a custom plan for each business.

Our evolution has created solution practices within CyberNerd that address every aspect of your unique IT and Telecommunications needs.


Knowledgeable and professional approach with consistently great customer service. Gabe is exceptionally skilled and willing to share his expertise to help everyone in need – and everyone needs his services whether they realize it or not!

Up to date and timely info is always available from CyberNerd. Don’t wait until it’s too late – Gabe can save you a lot of time and long term costs with an assessment and preventative work.

Thank you CyberNerd and Gabe Colon for being awesome!

Randy Pittenger

Such great knowledge and experience for your electronic connections. Everyone needs to get their connections secure. Contact Cybernerd and get protected before it’s too late. Thank you for all the help Gabe and looking forward to getting my shop network up and running.

Milky Wayz (#RunningBroke)

Gabe came out and did an amazing job setting up the network & monitors in my office. Also talk about a cord management genius.

I’d highly recommend them.

Joshua Sharon

Gabe and the CyberNerd team was awesome. They hooked up our whole office and made sure everything was secure. Whenever we need him, he can just remote in and help us. Its a great service! I recommend them for sure!

Kristen Carmona

Our reputation is the proof!

– CyberNerd –